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If you’ve never been to Sag Harbor, New York, stop what you’re doing and plan a trip right now! My sister and I were lucky enough to tag along with the Wellness Please team and get lost in the magic of…

Photos: Katherine Marks

If you’ve never been to Sag Harbor, New York, stop what you’re doing and plan a trip right now! My sister and I were lucky enough to tag along with the Wellness Please team and get lost in the magic of this historical town turn retreat destination. Read on to learn more about the history, happenings and all the fun we were able to squeeze into our stay. It was way too short and we will definitely be going back!

Sag Harbor, New York is a small village that straddles Southampton and East Hampton out on Long Island. If you’ve ever heard anyone (esp. Manhattan city-dwellers) mention vacationing in “the Hamptons”, this is one option of what they’re talking about. Maybe where biased, but Sag is our most favorite of all the towns that the Hamptons have to offer. Just for a quick glimpse at its history…Sag Harbor was first settled by the Algonquin Indians. You’ll notice some old indian names have stuck around. From as early as 1760 – 1850, the town was known as a thriving whaling port and in town theres an amazing Whaling Museum. Check out Herman“““““““` Melville’s famous novel, Moby Dick, and you’ll find that Sag is mentioned!

Today, Sag is still a small town at heart. The year round locals are a tight-knit community of hardworking people. Though everyone seems to know one another, they’re extremely friendly towards visitors and will warmly welcome you into their homes (or aboard their sailboats) with open arms. Due to the influx of celebs and city folks on retreat from fast-paced living, there’s a unique modern influence on the town. It’s not so secret anymore. You’ll understand why everyone wants to be here…

We arrived to the Wellness Please house just after noon and the overcast skies on our Uber in just couldn’t bring us down. It was an immediate warm welcome. The house is a sizable, yet cozy, family home with the traditional Hamptons-style cedar-shake siding. I fell in love with the open floor plan of the chef’s kitchen/living room with wood-burning fireplace – tons of natural light filled the space and French doors opened directly onto the back patio, leading into the pool and lush yard.

After freshening up, we sat down to harmlessharvest and local fresh salads from Harbor Market and Kitchen (most IDEAL post-travel food) and discussed plans with the team. The sun was beginning to peak out, so my sister and I spent the rest of the afternoon/evening reading by the pool, doing some meditation and goofing around trying out new yoga poses. We even went for a brisk dip in the pool – the unicorn float was calling our names.

We all got ready for the evening and had a leisurely glass of wine by the fire pit as the chill of the early Fall night crept in with the sunset. The Beacon, Sag’s favorite dockside restaurant, was our destination for the night. On the second story deck, overlooking the sailboats and yachts sleepily bobbing in their slips, we shared stories (and sips of each other’s unique cocktails) over a candlelit dinner.The food was delectable American fare with a modern edge. Sophie and I shared an Asian-inspired app: pork belly pretzel buns w/ hoisin, pickle and creamy kohlrabi slaw. For dinner we all had seafood dishes. The grilled Scottish Salmon with raspberry-orange mint vinaigrette was melt-in-your-mouth good! We also couldn’t pass up sharing the classic Beacon ice cream sandwich with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. Needless to say, we all left for the evening satiated to the point of food comas. After taking a quick peek at the decked out basement gym and theatre/game room, we retired to extremely comfortable beds. Seriously, the most heavenly bed EVER – I sank into it.

After a great sleep, I woke up and b-lined it to the downstairs kitchen coffee bar. On the marble countertop was a bag of Grindstone coffee beans, a local fave, just waiting to be made into a morning elixir. You bet I added a heaping scoop of WP multi-collagen to my coffee. We all sipped on our coffees and talked game plan for the day at the kitchen counter before getting ready and heading into town. We landed on Main Street, Sag Harbor. The weather was brisk early on, with a nice salty breeze coming in off the water and a pleasant warmth to the sun. We peeked our heads into Urban Zen + Tutto il Giorno, a concept created by Donna Karen and her daughter. I quickly decided this was a space I could LIVE in. Minimalist with a rustic coastal vibe – white wash ceilings and big open windows with off-white curtains blowing in the gentle wind – but exotic and adorned with Balinese lounges, teak chairs and Italian clothing. We all agreed to return for dinner in the evening. We also checked out the quaint cottage storefront of Goop (and fangirled hard), strolled the docks of the marina, looked at shops along the main drag, and grabbed an afternoon pick-me-up matcha latte at Sagtown Coffee, the chill local coffee hangout. Sagtown coffee had definite surf vibes…but lattes on tap anyone? All we’re saying is it’s a crowd pleaser (as is most of Sag).

Come afternoon, it was back in the car and out past the rolling fields towards Sagaponack. Aptly timed, because it was a BEAUTIFUL part of the day to stop at the Wölffer Estate Wine Stand right off route 27. We grabbed a couple glasses and cans (canned rosé!!!) to sip on, gallivanted around the vineyards for a bit and kicked around a soccer ball barefoot (I’ll never grow up). Did I mention the weather was PERFECT? Nothing like a clear and sunny early Fall day; the sky couldn’t have been bluer. We explored the gorgeous flowers and produce at some local farm stands before heading back to the WP house to regroup. The house is situated in a quiet family neighborhood with private access to a beach on Peconic Bay. We cleaned and dressed up in time to catch sunset and stroll the little beach…before dressing down into athleisure for dinner. We were exhausted and all I wanted to wear were my Lululemon align pants, a comfy pullover and Allbirds – can you blame me?! There were a lot of photos to be had for the shoot that day but it was fun-filled to say the least! Stay tuned for our next blog post to hear about our dining experience at Tutto il Giorno 😉

What a trip! We fell in love with the town, the WP house and the people (including their canine friends). Sag Harbor is truly a wonderful place that has something to offer for everyone in the fam. The following day, after another heavenly sleep, I boarded a jitney bus for Midtown Manhattan and mentally prepared myself for an extreme change of pace. I was sad to part ways with my sister and the team, and I was definitely not ready to leave the magic of Sag Harbor. I know I’ll be back soon enough…

Hope to see you there!

XO Anna, Team WP Ambassador


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