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Francoise Sagan once wrote, “There is a certain age when a woman must be beautiful to be loved, and then there comes a time when she must be loved to be beautiful.”

Francoise Sagan once wrote, “There is a certain age when a woman must be beautiful to be loved, and then there comes a time when she must be loved to be beautiful.” 
Today many baby boomers live vibrant, healthy lives. They’re more comfortable in their own skin than they were in their younger years. Many reinvent themselves or launch new challenging careers. 

How do todays’ boomers look and feel?

Compared to photos of their parents and grandparents boomers look much younger than the previous generations at the exact same age. Because of general improvements in the healthcare system, this demographic is now living longer and looking better-than-ever. Years ago we used to think that genes played a big role in longevity but now realize that stress, environment, lifestyle, nutrition, and immunity play a big part in how we age.

Growing older is a privilege denied to many! 

 Grow older Gracefully…

The way you act or react to life’s circumstances has a direct correlation to the aging process. So walk down the positive side of the street and enjoy the journey. If there’s been a conflict in your life try letting it go. Spend time with people you love and do things you enjoy. Be mindful and try to stay present every day.

Get your sleep
A good nights sleep is essential and definitely not a luxury. Your bedroom should be a comforting oasis that encourages you to get some solid zzz’s. Keep your environment stimulus-free, cool, dark and be sure to remove any ambient noise. The best temperature to coax you into sweet dreamland is between 60 and 69 degrees.

Also, try adding some powerful plant-life in your bedroom; this helps with oxygen levels and the natural fragrance can help you sleep more soundly. Lavender or aloe vera plants work really well!
The goal is to get 7 to 8 full hours a night…so wind down after a long day and prepare yourself for a peaceful nights rest.

Eat well
Include lots of healthy fats such as olive oil and avocados (they supercharge the brain). Upgrade some of your snacks to healthy nuts, seeds, and organic fruit, They’re nutritious and satisfy that craving for sweet and savory. Try to eat organic and local. Aim for wild-caught, grass-fed and cage-free meats whenever possible… you are what they eat!
Enjoy eating until you’re 80 percent full, take some time, then make the decision that you’re finished!

Hydrate please…drink filtered water like it’s your job! Water regulates and maintains your body temperature; it helps to remove waste and lubricates the joints. Being adequately hydrated helps you to perform at your highest level, which includes weight loss, boosting your mood, and supporting cognitive performance. 

Stay up on trends! It’s always good to feel that you’re up on current events and knowledgeable about today’s latest information. Whether the trend is about social media changes or a novel style of cooking it’s always nice to know you can contribute to the conversation.

Don’t indulge too much
Don’t smoke, drink in moderation, and do yourself a favor…avoid excessive sun exposure. Most authorities unanimously agree that physical sunscreen is an amazing anti-ager. Follow this advice and you’re 70-year-old skin will thank you!

Maintain a healthy weight, normal blood pressure, and be sure to keep your cholesterol within a healthy range.

If exercise were in pill form it would be the best age-defying option ever! More than half of all baby boomers are inactive. When you work out, it wards off unwanted signs of aging. Whether you like going to classes or running marathons, exercising daily helps you stay toned, slim, and contributes to your longevity. A good rule of thumb is to make sure you move at least 5 minutes every half hour. Also, find an activity that challenges your coordination; yoga’s always been a good one for that! Be sure to walk outside for 15 minutes every day without sunscreen. This routine ups your vitamin D level and helps to protect you from disease; it also boosts your mood.

Walk away from screens. This means seriously cutting down on tech time and the hours spent binge-watching TV.  Remember, sitting is the new smoking!

-Wellness Please Staff, 2018


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