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We’re going to tell you how you can easily make the switch! If you love makeup and cherish your health as we do, you’ll want to make some necessary baby steps.

The tribe at Wellness Please are big believers in zero-chemical makeup + skincare! So if you love makeup and cherish your health like we do, you’ll want to take some necessary baby steps to swap out any harmful brands of makeup in your makeup bag.

The Dirty Truth

It’s been 80 years since the Federal Food, Drug + Cosmetic Act passed. In that time thousands of ingredients have come into the market without being tested.

Lose The Old-School Products

It can be overwhelming to start the swap at first, but you can make changes slowly, at your own pace. The more you read about unsavory chemicals, the easier it will become. So if you don’t want to waste the items you already own, simply eliminate them one product at a time as you run out of them. That’s when you can transition to cleaner brands from our safe list below.


lilah b.                                               Patyka
May Lindstrom                                 Lilly Lolo
Innersense                                       RMS Beauty
Tata Harper                                      Juice Beauty
100% Pure                                        Jane Iredale
OLIO – E – OSSO                              OY-L
Acure                                                Vapour Beauty

It’s always nice to start with a good canvas. That said, you can make a move toward glowing, beautiful skin by adding WELLNESS PLEASE Multi-Collagen to your daily routine. Ingestible beauty products have made a huge impact on the industry recently. Consuming a beauty supplement can give you an edge toward achieving your skin care goals without the need for any Med-Spa services. Better yet, the use of an ingestible collagen partnered with a favorite serum or cream can transform your skin from the inside to bring fast, visible results on the outside.

We know that 75% of our skin is made of collagen and unfortunately starting in your late 20’s you lose 1.5% every year.

Luckily, it’s not hard to find easy ways to incorporate multi-collagen into your diet. Make it a healthy habit by adding our unflavored powder to smoothies, soups, batters, or your morning joe. This lifestyle change can be your secret weapon to make sure you always put your best face forward!

– Wellness Please Staff, 2018


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