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We Really, Really Love Tulum!

Travel brings depth and breadth to a routine existence. When you’re introduced to new environments and situations…

Travel brings us depth and breadth. It gives us the opportunity to teach us about ourselves and forces us to live in the present. When we’re introduced to new environments and situations we’re not familiar with, it provides an opportunity to step outside your comfort zone, and to be transported.  

Studies show that when you’re planning a trip you experience some degree of excitement. It is also proven that it feels really good to have something special to look forward to! Vacations afford you the chance to connect with new people and places that help to build cherished memories that stay with you forever.

If you’re contemplating taking a retreat away from it all, look no further than Mexico’s Eastern Coast, located in Quintana Roo. That’s where you’ll find breathtaking Tulum. Devotee’s boast Tulum’s jungle beauty, relaxed vibe, and the access to more free-spirited classes then you could ever dream of. 

We’re talking hotels to covet, beaches that are breathtaking, hip clothing shops and fabulous restaurants for foodies…should I go on or are you already packing? 

Now that you’re all set to plan your trip, where should you stay? 
Pick from any one of the many tranquil and characteristic hotels that make for a soul-stirring time.

If you’d like to escape to a lush jungle retreat, reserve a room at the Be Tulum Resort. Be Tulum is a bohemian hotspot. It touts a stunning location on the beach with countless amenities. You can get your zen on with meditation classes or partake in an immersive sweat lodge ceremony for a cathartic sweat session! 

Or if you’d like to savor exotic flavors try one of their eclectic restaurants and enjoy a crafted cocktail at th beach bar. 

Now we’d also like to introduce you to Be Tulum’s Wellness Spa…Yaan.
It’s an inspired healing oasis that stays true to their Mayan roots. Here you have an assortment of luxurious facials, therapeutic treatments and a selection of massages that will cleanse and renew your very being. 

Yaan represents all things health and advocates a holistic approach to healing. They believe you are a complex combination of mind, body, and spirit, and that it’s important to address all of these aspects of your being. That said, who isn’t down for a detox? This is the reason we tried a colonic! If you’re not in the know, it’s a gentle water irrigation meant to flush out your colon. The practitioner was kind and helpful…the colonic itself was done with great TLC. It certainly has been an incentive for us to eat more mindfully!

Some other treatments they offer are…Multi-Vibrational Sound Healing, Energy Alignment, and Soothing Sun Therapy, just in case you’ve had more sun’s ray’s then you could actually handle!

Take a look at their website for a full menu of health and wellness options.

Another hip hotel is Casa Malca. It’s the right choice if you’re looking for a place with tons of character. Casa Malca is owned by renowned New York modern art collector and gallery owner Lio Malca, so staying at this hotel is like sleeping at a gallery with so many beautiful pieces of art to lust for!

We need to mention the history of this property. Casa Malca was built by the infamous Colombian drug lord, Pablo Escobar. This is the same guy that controlled over 80% of the cocaine sent to the United States. He was also once Forbes’ top 10 wealthiest people in the world! Is that enough character for you? 

If you want to grab a bite to eat, their restaurant, Philosophy, will have you sinking your teeth into local ingredients with a modern, authentic spin to the innovative meals.

Like another incredible option? We’ve got a restaurant for you, and it’s co-owned by a 2-star, Michelin chef!

Must say, we are still obsessing over our meal at the famed Tulum pop-up-restaurant, Noma. It’s a completely eclectic and rare dining experience. Chef Rene Redzepi is originally from Copenhagen, Denmark, and practices the fine art of molecular gastronomy. His Tulum pop-up gives you the chance to eat at his iconic restaurant that most of us would have waited a lifetime for. This creative Chef is about searching for food ingredients in the wild, then producing inventive, clean New Nordic flavors. He’s particularly fond of adapting fermentation and dehydration into his food-based experiments as well.

Make a reservation soon and eat a mind-blowing meal, pinch yourself, and….you’re welcome.

Shift gears…for a change of pace, another must-try restaurant that we love is Arca. The atmosphere is an edgy jungle setting, offset by an easy vibe. Progressive food using local plants, proteins and perfectly pure ingredients is the way they roll here. This trailblazing casual eatery truly stands out among the rest. 

Oh, and we can’t forget to mention another favorite among foodies: Hartwood. It’s hard to get a reservation and we never managed to sample the goods, but we hear that it’s truly delish.

Tulum, Mexico is a bohemian paradise, a sacred sanctuary, with much too much to offer for just one go around. Honestly, we’re currently making plans for our next vacay there! 
It’s a sexy town steeped in Mayan culture, with rituals and traditions everywhere you go.

So go ahead, treat yourself..follow that dream!

– Wellness Please Staff, 2018


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