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Eau Yeah…The Water Cure

Washing away the day is a part of everyone’s daily routine, but when’s the last time you’ve immersed yourself in a rejuvenating bathing ritual? Most people think…

 Photo:  Katherine Marks
Photo:  Katherine Marks


Washing away the day is a part of everyone’s routine, but when’s the last time you have immersed yourself in a rejuvenating bathing ritual?  Most people think they can’t make time for a bath- they’d rather take a quick shower and move on with their day. But it’s important to spoil yourself sometimes! It’s a good opportunity to be alone with your thoughts, relax in a warm bed of water, and restore your mind, body, and spirit. The ideal water temperature should be comfortable and not too hot.

Water is powerful. It’s a cleansing and healing element. A good soak is not limited to simply cleaning our bodies; water helps us emotionally as well. Use your next restorative plunge to release issues that may be lingering. Wash away negative energy and welcome good thoughts that help you manifest positivity. 


Make Some Time
It’s easy to say you don’t have time…to give way to procrastination. Take a look at your schedule. Reserve a spot for you. Lock the bathroom door so you’re not interrupted. Party of one, please!

Set The Mood
Clear out clutter, but keep swoon-worthy bath products within an arms reach. Use a soft pillow or small towel as a cushion for your head while you lounge. Have a nice cup of tea or wine on hand to help you totally decompress from your day. Set the mood and light a soy candle with an intoxicating fragrance. Aromatherapy elevates our experience.

Next, put on some soothing music, and go ahead, be unproductive!

No Distractions
Now that you’ve picked the right moment don’t disrupt your precious time with texts or emails. Make your bathroom a no-phone zone. Bring the book you’ve been dying to read instead. This is the zen space you’ve created for yourself. Then get good at the art of doing nothing!

Clear Your Mind
The meeting that you had earlier today is finished. You did the best you could. All the errands you have to run tomorrow are not your concern today. Any thought that isn’t present at this moment should leave your mind. Focus in on one thing. Maybe it’s the sound of the water, the shimmer of the candle, the healing tones of the music, or simply on your breathing. Stay in the present and embrace this time with yourself to melt all other thoughts away.

Breathe in and breathe out. 

Treat Yourself
 Indulge in the renewal + revitalization process. Go ahead and apply a creamy face mask or work up a lather with an exfoliating scrub to soften your water-drenched skin.  There are so many cult-worthy bath products on the market to choose from.

Lay back and let the waters work their magic.  

Add Salt
Soothe sore muscles from your morning workout with a 20-minute salt-soak! Bathing in warm water helps to loosen stiff joints and adding one cup of Epsom Salt will help to relieve stress, ease soreness, and curb inflammation.

 FYI, it’s not really a bath salt at all. It’s a naturally occurring mineral compound made up of magnesium and sulfate. Magnesium regulates blood sugar, blood pressure, supports a healthy immune system and nerve function. It’s also involved in protein synthesis and keeps your heart rhythm steady. Essential Epsom Salt checks a lot of boxes!

Nourish The Skin
Be sure to protect your skin while you’re taking that decadent bath. Water has chlorine in it to kill pathogens. Unfortunately, the chlorine can strip your hair and skin of its’ natural oils. This leaves your skin parched and your hair brittle. Try using a tablespoon of Ascorbic Vitamin C Powder to neutralize the chlorine in the water. After your bath is finished, massage your skin with an essential body oil for the perfect end to your restorative bath.

Self-care rituals allow you to recharge and to be your best possible self.  

– Wellness Please Staff, 2018


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