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Multi-Collagen Enhances Performance In Sports and Bodybuilding

Consuming WELLNESS PLEASE multi-protein helps you build lean muscle mass. Our high performing protein is an MVP among the bodybuilding crowd and…

Consuming WELLNESS PLEASE multi-protein helps you build lean muscle mass. Our high performing protein is an MVP among the bodybuilding crowd and weekend warriors alike.

Hydrolyzed Multi-Collagen peptides work as amazing muscle building-blocks, with many widespread benefits. First, you have a big boost of energy to sustain your workout, then our multi-collagen blend delivers impressive stamina results. Post-workout, you’ll experience quick recovery time and a surprising lack of soreness.

WELLNESS PLEASE multi-collagen powder contains 18 amino acids: glycine, methionine, and arginine are crucial for improving athlete performance and increasing body mass. Arginine promotes muscle growth and inhibits fat build-up, creating more lean muscle. When paired with glycine, the result is the formation of natural creatine. The creatine molecule is the single most important factor in muscle growth. Studies show that creatine increases nutrient delivery and muscle synthesis. It helps improve performance and substantially reduces a good amount of body fat.

Using multi-collagen powder helps to keep connective tissues supple and aids in keeping pain and injury at bay. It’s not a bad idea to down a multi-collagen drink before hitting the gym and another soon after to aid muscles in the recovery process. The unflavored powder dissolves quickly into hot or cold liquids, so it’s an easy addition to your daily routine.

Because multi-collagen boasts remarkable anti-inflammatory properties, it’s a natural when it comes to protecting your bones and joints. When you lift weights, run a marathon, or take strenuous boot camp classes, you put a big strain on your joints. That strain puts your joints in an “emergency” mode and produces tissue inflammation. Inflammation’s “job” is to rescue and protect the ligaments and cartilage. Our Multi-Collagen cushions your joints and prevents inflammation from the start. Good-bye, shin-splints! Our game-changing blend of multi-collagen is a good substitute for an old-school whey protein that many athletes have taken for years.

Why use our multi-collagen powder instead of a whey protein?  It’s simple-  it’s a complete protein with lots of essential amino acids, plus it absorbs quickly into the gut. Multi-collagen has the same benefits as whey protein but here’s the big bonus: it repairs the gut and regulates your metabolism by balancing your hormones as well. Whey products are moving over to make room for a more efficient protein powder that gives athletes a bigger competitive edge. Another benefit is multi-collagen maintains a good nitrogen balance which puts you in an anabolic state. An anabolic state is an ideal state that facilitates intense muscle strength, size, and power.

Supplementing with Wellness Please Multi-Collagen is an easy way to kick-start muscle recovery if you don’t want to eat meat, dairy, fish, and eggs immediately after hitting the gym!


– Wellness Please Staff, 2018


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