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Adding Multi-Collagen to my daily routine…

A healthy habit for glowing skin and gut health that’s as easy as your morning coffee ritual. Sound too good to be true?

Anna Townsend, Holistic Life Coach

A healthy habit for glowing skin and gut health that’s as easy as your morning coffee ritual. Sound too good to be true?


It’s the hot topic in the wellness world and If you haven’t heard about it yet, here’s the scoop (quite literally).


Collagen is the most commonly found protein in the body and is key in providing structural support and elasticity to help maintain healthy hair, skin, nails, joints, tendons and ligaments – basically everything that holds us humans together.

Unfortunately, with stress and age, the natural production of collagen in our bodies declines. That’s why taking a well-sourced collagen supplement gives an added boost to your daily routine.


Ever heard about/felt the healing benefits of bone broth? It’s like that, but on steroids…the amino acids found in collagen:

  • Are key to keeping your skin looking hydrated, fresh and firm; and even reduces cellulite and wrinkles.

  • Strengthens brittle hair and nails.

  • Are great for post-workout recovery in that they help build muscle, relieve joint inflammation and repair tissue.

  • Are beneficial to gut health in that they strengthen the lining of the intestines and keep all the bad gunk from entering the bloodstream.

  • Can aid in weight loss by providing a good dose of protein to keep you satiated longer.

  • Have even been shown to aid in sleep.

Since adding WELLNESS PLEASE Multi-Collagen to my daily routine, I’ve personally experienced stronger, faster growing hair. The downside is that my nails grow way too fast considering I dislike clipping them, but I’ll take it! My complexion is clear and has a dewy glow. I feel more…uh…regular. And post-workout muscle recovery seems way more efficient.


Definitely not…

Sipping bone broth, using vitamin C creams to stimulate production and receiving injections are not the most effective ways to get your collagen. There’s an AMAZING new Multi-Collagen product on the market that models ALL (and more) of the characteristics you should look for when buying a Multi-Collagen supplement.

WELLNESS PLEASE COLLAGEN is taking the market by storm! These folks did their research to come up with the best QUALITY product with a convenience factor that lets you “fill in the gaps of everyday nutrition.”

The body is a complex place and feeding it a single nutrient will only do so much; like golfing with only one club in your bag, what you really need is the whole crew. You want to make sure your collagen is a “Multi” formula. WELLNESS PLEASE fulfills this like no other collagen brand I’ve seen before by using 5 collagen sources (hosting 18 amino acids):

  • Wild snapper

  • Cage-free chicken

  • Grass-fed bovine

  • Eggshell membrane peptides

  • Chicken and bovine bone broth

Many collagen supplements on the market only provide types 1 and 2 – the “beauty” collagens. WELLNESS PLEASE goes way further than skin deep to nourish your whole body.

The next buying factor to highlight is “peptides.” Normal collagen molecules are typically too large to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Collagen peptides are “hydrolyzed”, thus sized for efficient bioavailability and absorption. No bloating or digestive discomfort!

Powder forms of collagen peptides also provide a major convenience factor. WELLNESS PLEASE’s Multi-Collagen is a tasteless powder that easily dissolves in hot OR cold liquid, and comes in a resealable container with a scoop. I love the whimsical vibe of the label – it adds some personality to my bare kitchen counter. But most importantly, WELLNESS PLEASE’S collagen is extremely palatable, especially in comparison to apple cider vinegar shots and fishy tasting spirulina tablets we force ourselves to consume in the name of health 😉


When it comes to consuming your daily collagen, there are limitless possibilities. I typically drink it in my morning cup of coffee, but I’ll also throw it in green smoothies or add it to overnight breakfast oats. For when I’m traveling or hustling around seeing clients, I keep multi-collagen in containers in my purse so I can add to my coffee on the go.

Soups, teas, pancakes, sauces… you name it! Anything can be a great vehicle for your daily collagen.

Reach for a quality Multi-Collagen supplement – Make it WELLNESS PLEASE, (no-brainer) – and observe the benefits as they unfold for you. It’s never too late to power up your daily routine. How will you collagen?

– Anna Townsend, 2018


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