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Glow-Getting Shortcuts

We like to look polished when we go out, but many of us have busy schedules and there’s not always time to do a complete face of makeup.

 Photo:  Katherine Marks
Photo:  Katherine Marks

We like to look polished when we go out, but many of us have busy schedules and there’s not always time to do a complete face of makeup.

No time, no problem! A 5-minute makeup is all you really need to look fresh and pretty. Follow these easy-to-do cheats that will cut down on your application time.

1) Hydrate
If you have normal to dry skin be sure to slather on a lightweight serum or a nourishing toxin-free moisturizer like Youth Dew by May Lindstrom…We’re hooked!  After massaging a small amount into your skin, your face will be revitalized and give you that glowy no makeup look. Starting with hydrated skin will also help your concealer to spread a lot easier as well!

2) Conceal
No need for a full face of foundation every day of the week. All you really need are a few strategically placed dabs of concealer on your problem areas. Concealer neutralizes dark circles, hide’s any redness, acne scars, unwanted blemishes and evens out your skin tone flawlessly. Save the job of applying liquid or powder foundation for date night or a big event!

3) Lash Out
Make it your job to use an eyelash curler; it’ll be your best friend! The curling action works wonders to make you look wide-awake when you’re really exhausted but don’t want to show it!  

4) Touch of Mascara
A favorite mascara goes a long way in creating beautiful eyes and can be extremely transforming.  Stick to using mascara on your upper lashes only; It lends to an open-eyed look and is a huge time-saver!

5) Shape and Color Brows
A full brow is trending right now. Give your brows some shape and color by using tinted brow gel. It’s super quick and easy, and nearly everyone can benefit from some good eyebrow grooming!

6) Invest in Quality Brushes
Simplify your eyeshadow routine and buy yourself a good quality eyeshadow brush. You’ll have far fewer mistakes to correct if you own high-quality makeup tools! Try sweeping a super-soft neutral eyeshadow on the outer corners of your eyelids for a pretty daytime look. Or you can use JUST concealer on your lids for a natural look that covers any redness you may have. 

7) At First Blush
Don’t waste your precious time trying to apply a cream or gel blush they often streak and require finessing. So for a quick flush of color, we recommend a silky powder blush. Just use one of your high quality brushes  for a fast and easy application.

8) Sport Some Lush Lips
Give your lips a pretty pop of color with a long-wear gloss. Choose one that lasts all day like the gorgeous lip balms at lilah b. Her toxin-free brand has so many amazing colors to choose from. For an everyday look try a color that’s a light, neutral tone and leave the bold colors for a fun night out. 

9) Drink Wellness Please Multi-Collagen To Raise Your Bar
Here’s the thing…the more we age, the less collagen we produce. As we lose powerful collagen, our skin visibly loosen’s a bit, and fine lines begin to appear. But by adding our multi-collagen to your daily routine your skin will take on a really pretty glow, and begin to  renew itself. Lines soften, pores reduce, acne scars disappear. Consuming 1-2 scoops of multi-collagen a day increases important hydration levels in your skin by up to 12%. Studies have shown that the right blend of collagen peptides can actually reverse many skin problems. Simply use Wellness Please Multi-Collagen in your pancake or muffin batter, add it to smoothies, or bake it in your favorite recipes…your skin will thank you for it!   

– Wellness Please Staff, 2018


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