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It’s time to break-up with your old nail polish faves. You’ll be a quick convert when you see how beautifully the new, non-toxic brands have…

It’s time to break-up with your old nail polish faves. You’ll be a quick convert when you see how beautifully the new, non-toxic brands have raised the bar!

Most conventional nail polish is full of chemicals, but thankfully people are now vetting their nail varnish and choosing not to use old-school polish brands anymore. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) states that we absorb at least one potentially hormone-disrupting chemical every time we get a manicure.

The idea that our body can absorb toxins through our nails is disturbing to say the least. In California, there’s a movement called the “California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative” whose aim is to make it safer for workers at nail salons. The New York Times wrote an informative article called Perfect nails, Poisoned Workers.” There are countless stories of illness across the country and many involve children. These stories have become so common that older manicurists warn younger ones of childbearing age to stay away from the profession. Unfortunately, there is little or no regulation.

The other hazard in nail salons is the ultraviolet (UV) nail dryers…they’re used to dry your nails and to cure the polish. Studies have shown using the UV dryer between 8 to 200 times, depending upon the brand, may damage skin cells in a way that raises your risk of cancer. The UV light should be a non-negotiable, especially for all the children out there having Mani/Pedi’s. The occasional user should not have a problem, but if you’re going weekly, you should consider air drying.

A great non-toxic brand to try is Londontown’s KUR. They make a fantastic gel-genius top coat, which is sunlight cured. The top coat delivers an ultra-glossy finish with gel-like durability and no ultraviolet needed! They boast 80 cheeky nail lakur colors and a good base coat to boot. They’re a British company but no need to worry because you can find them on (of course) … Amazon. Check them out!

Smith and Cult, is another high performing player you can trust. Fun names like Fosse Fingers, Peaceful Paranoia and Dirty Baby will have you buying every shade.

We also give a thumbs up to a brand new line called Sundays. They tout that Sunday polish is “10 free” (meaning they have ten less toxic elements in their formula, then regular brands)… we’re very impressed with how the creamy texture goes on and stays on!

– Wellness Please Staff, 2018

The Brazilian Center for Studies in Dermatology at the University of Sao Paulo states that the ingestion of specific Collagen peptides led to pronounced clinical improvement in brittle nail growth rate, and a decrease of cracked or chipped nails.

Collagen Research Institute (CRI) in Germany.

 – nutraingredients-usa.com


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