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Is There a Mushroom in The House?

So many of us search for safe alternatives to the big pharma industry that support our various health needs. Today functional mushrooms are…

Mycology, the study of mushrooms, is booming!
So many of us search for safe alternatives to the big pharma industry that support our various health needs. Today functional mushrooms are enjoying tons of popularity because they’re a promising and powerful option if you’re a holistic health care fan. Currently, there are many brands in the mushroom movement that showcase teas, powders, capsules, tinctures and even gummies! These forward-thinking companies hope to assist us in our search for effective wellness options.

‘Mushrooms as medicine’ have been popular in Asian cultures for centuries, and have always been touted as one of the original superfoods. In fact, the word Maitake literally means “dancing mushroom” because in ancient times people would dance when they would find one of these beneficial fungi!

As we consume medicinal mushrooms in their various forms, we ingest healing properties that are recognized by our bodies.

A California based company called Four Sigmatic has some novel ideas to integrate edible mushrooms into your daily menu. Check out their website, foursigmatic.com, and you’ll find some interesting health-oriented recipes. The list includes Iced Chai Latte Pops, Carrot Cake Waffles, and a Spiced Cordyceps Granola, just to name a few. They also sell elixir powders and even gummies that feature functional ‘shrooms to make all your fungi dreams come true! 

Four Sigmatic serves up mushroom madness in all kinds of unique ways…Mushroom/Charcoal Lemonade, Mushroom Coffee Mix, Mushroom Matcha and Lion’s Mane Elixir are just a few of the cool combination’s that are included in their product line. Another favorite brand we adore is Moon Juice, by the modern-day alchemist…Amanda Chantal Bacon. 

Amanda helps you to expand the healing powers of your kitchen by serving up unique blends that you can buy at her Moon Juice site, most of which come in ‘powder dust’ form! 
As a young child, Amanda had experienced a major health crisis that led her to a healthy ‘food as medicine’ lifestyle. Amanda also sells the Moon Juice Cookbook which explains her philosophy and illustrates how to execute her ‘outside the box’ diet that is filled with adaptogens, probiotic’s and organic foods.

 Maitake Mushrooms
Maitake Mushrooms

Smart Mushrooms | M.V.P.’s of The Mushroom World

Reishi – Boosts Immunity + Energy, Reduce Blood Pressure, Improves your cognitive ability.

Chaga – Great Anti-Oxidant, Boosts Your Immune System, Anti-Viral, Cuts Down Colds + Flu.

Cordyceps – Improves Vitality, Heart + Lung Health and Increases Energy

Shitake – Supports Weight Loss, Improves Circulation + Reduces Stress.

Maitake – Reduces High Cholesterol + High Blood Pressure, Stimulates the Immune System.

Turkey Tail – Fights Infections + May help patients with Aids/Hiv

We’re always looking for more and better ways to boost our multi-collagen protein intake, so we’ve begun adding it to these healthful Mushroom Elixirs! Add 1 heaping tablespoon to your savory mushroom beverage, stir with a fork and enjoy!

– Wellness Please Staff 2018


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