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Experts advise to switch out your mattress as often as every 10 years since worn down padding can lead to an aching back. With today’s modern technology it’s fair to say…

Experts advise to switch out your mattress as often as every 10 years since worn down padding can lead to an aching back. With today’s modern technology it’s fair to say that the mattress trade has come a long way in the past few years, so if you’re in the market for a new style, it can require some research.

The exciting part is that you’ve never had more available options. The old standard mattresses are made with coil innerspring. They’re known for being bouncy and having good ‘edge’ support.

Many of the newer types of mattresses are made from natural fibers. These are just what they sound like. The natural style is better for the environment; however, the comfort level is a personal choice, so think about how you like to sleep. Some of these eco-friendly options are made from organic cotton which can last up to 15 years. Or if your issue is regulating your body temperature, a great solution is an organic wool type mattress.

Latex type mattresses are made from rubber trees and have amazing natural fire-resistant qualities, while a hemp mattress is the favorite of those choosing a vegan lifestyle.

Then you can choose from a coconut coir style which is a really popular choice because it maintains a buoyant quality and bamboo mattresses are the feel-good options because bamboo is so easily renewed!
Easy Like Sunday Morning | Trailblazing Brands

Purchasing a bed has never been easier. You no longer need to drive to a department store. Like everything else these days, you can buy a mattress on a website, in the comfort of your own home. There’s no need to lay down on a sample mattress while a salesperson hovers over you. Face it, it’s awkward. One of the benefits of the explosion of mattress startups is that you can skip the high prices that accompany brick and mortar stores – what used to be an afternoon commitment has been simplified to a mere click.

An easy mattress hack is to use an organic mattress cover or topper on your conventional mattress if you’re not ready to but a new mattress. When it’s time to purchase a new one convert to something natural like cotton, latex or wool.

Casper is the brand that sells the largest quantity online. The award-winning mattress gives the buyer a 10-year warranty and a generous 100-night trail to test it out. Their marketing boasts that they’ve thoughtfully built the perfect sleep environment and have obsessed over every detail. They’re in the latex bed category that’s on the firmer side of the spectrum.

Pangeabed is a copper-infused Talalay latex mattress that better disperses heat and fosters a germ-free sleep environment. This style works well for any sleep position. You can purchase this gem of a mattress on Amazon and have it to sleep on by tomorrow night!

Hastens handcrafted mattresses are handmade in Koping, Sweden. They’ve been putting Swedes to sleep since the late 19th century, and they’re the only mattress the Swedish royal family uses. We admire the fact they use ethically sourced pure natural materials, and the outer fabric is a crowd-pleasing blue and white buffalo plaid. The mattress itself is super-supportive and softer than anything you’ve ever put your weight on before! You may purchase a mattress at one of their many showrooms.

Avocado Green mattresses are another natural, non-toxic company that would like to earn your respect. They are environmentally conscious and tout ethical and sustainable business practices. Like Casper, they give you a 100-night free trial period, along with free shipping and returns.
Memory foam mattresses | were not big fans

Memory foam mattresses are made of two core components. One layer is a polyurethane foam core layer, and the other is polyurethane memory foam. These two layers are then wrapped in some type of fabric. After that, as in all mattress making, there is the flameproofing factor that is in place to meet federal safety laws. Unfortunately, ingredients found in many brands of memory foam are considered a trade secret and are not required to be released.

Pillow Talk

If you’d like a head start on beautiful bed-gear, savvy mattress brands are now carrying sheets, pillowcases, and pillows to help sweeten the online deal. So, once you’re sleeping soundly through the night, be sure to check out the brands that can make all your dreams come true… Bon Soir.

– Wellness Please Staff, 2018


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