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In a perfect world, our soil would be packed with precious nutrition. Everything we ate would be filled with healthful vitamins + minerals. But unfortunately…

In a perfect world, our soil would be packed with precious nutrition. Everything we ate would be filled with healthful vitamins + minerals. But unfortunately, our soil is depleted. So even when we make good organic choices we end up lacking powerful nutrients, that make us nutritionally deficient.

Fortunately, Wellness Please Multi-Collagen is a high performing supplement that can help you to fill in many of those dietary gaps. It’s common knowledge that by the time we are 25 years old the collagen in our bodies starts to decrease. Simply using our protein powder allows you to replenish the collagen that you’ve lost over time.

Our bespoke multi-collagen benefits many specific areas of your body, which make it an extremely diverse + comprehensive supplement. Most of the other types of collagen on the market tend to use only a bovine collagen. The bovine peptides are larger. Which means it has delayed absorption and is harder on the stomach. Also because bovine comes from cows it adds extra fat to the collagen powder. Look to make sure the bovine volume in the supplement is 3% or lower before purchasing.

This is why at Wellness Please we’ve meticulously combined 5 different types of collagen: cage-free chicken, wild caught red snapper, eggshell membrane, plus chicken + bovine bone broth.

This hydrolyzed formula includes 18 valuable amino acids that help to reduce systemic inflammation. A cofactor of multi-collagen is bone broth. When you consume bone broth collagen it assists your body to naturally produce glucosamine and chondroitin which plays a big part in cartilage and joint health. It also helps to curb your appetite. :)))

Eggshell membrane is a rich source of natural hyaluronic acid ( yes the same as in the face serums!) which is critical to support beautiful, hydrated, skin. Keep in mind that once an egg is cooked the benefits of the membrane are lost. Wild-caught marine collagen is a smaller peptide with intense properties of enhanced absorption and ability to flood your skin and joints with anti-aging and bone building molecules. It’s easy to see why the decision to go with multi-collagen over a simple bovine collagen is absolutely a no-brainer! 


How to get your daily dose of multi-collagen | Mix multi-collagen into almost anything

Wellness Please Multi-Collagen is a virtually flavorless powder that dissolves easily into many types of foods or beverages. The is your chance to give your food and beverages superpower. Just use 1-2 scoops daily and you’ll receive maximum health benefits with minimal effort.

  • Toss old-school protein powder and trade it in for more effective multi-collagen power.

  • Consume multi-collagen in your favorite baked goods recipes. The powder melts easily into cookie dough, muffin, pancake or waffle mix.

  • Add 1-2 scoops to smoothies, Matcha, Coffee or Juice.

  • It’s also easily blended into casseroles, soups and stew recipes, or add to a trendy instapot or crock-pot.


Avoid The Collagen Robbers | They Wreak Havoc

  • A high sugar diet

  • Too much sun exposure

  • Excessive alcohol intake

  • Vaping or smoking

We are sure that quality is everything. We think what you put in your body becomes your body. We maintain it’s a marathon, not a sprint. We know that living with a W. P. regimen will give you the peace of mind you’re looking for.

Isn’t it empowering to feel like you have more control over your health + the aging process?

-WellnessPlease Staff 2018


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