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Himalayan, sea, kosher and pink-rock are buzz words in the world of salt. They all have a lot of health benefits both inside and out. The Himalayan salt lamp is…

Himalayan, sea, kosher + flake are buzz words in the world of trendy salt products. They all have essential health benefits that work strategically to help you both inside and out. No doubt they’re a very important factor in our human diet. Salt (NaCl) is a natural mineral made up of cube-shaped crystals composed of sodium and chlorine. Salt has been mined for thousands of years and now the popular Himalayan Salt lamps are seen everywhere while kosher + flake salts are on the dinner table in everyone’s salt-pigs!

Want to enjoy a toxin-free, alkalizing salt? Then try healing Himalayan Salt! This pink salt is found in pollutant free environments and the minerals in it give the salt that unmistakable pink hue. One of the ways people are experiencing salt lately is by spending time in salt therapy saunas. Being a natural anti-inflamer, Himalayan salt reduces breathing issues + strengthens the immune system. Breathing the air in a salt room spa is a great natural alternative therapy. One of the most noticeable effects of a salt sauna is the benefit it has on your respiratory system.

Salt room spas use dry salts to help with;

  • Seasonal allergy + cold relief

  • Combating stress

  • Fatigue

  • Improving lung function

  • Helps with skin conditions like eczema, acne + psoriasis

Do you know the beauty of Maldon Salt? This unparalleled sea salt from the Southside of the UK is nature made and has been around since 1882. During the refining process, seawater is filtered and boiled which removes all impurities. In the next step is it’s heated to a very high temperature until the salt crystallizes. There are particular “saltmaker skills” that go into the whole salt harvesting process. The delicious result is flaky clean, mineral-enriched Maldon Salt! if you give Maldon a try you’ll never stop using this very tasty brand.

 Pink Salt Pour
Pink Salt Pour

For our Kosher friends, Kosher salt is the salt that’s right on point. It’s easy to find on the shelves of every supermarket around + packs a ton of flavor in every small salty crystal. Many chefs and savvy foodies are not only using Kosher Salt in savory foods but desserts + fruits as well, for a yummy sweet + salty vibe. Salted caramel is our all-time fave, whats yours?                                                                                                   


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