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Ease Back Pain Without Spending a Fortune on a Chiropractor

Chiropractors are very expensive. A quick Google search shows that prices for a chiropractic session can easily creep into the hundreds, depending on the length of the session, the doctor and other factors completely out of your control. How much is a chiropractor, and is it really worth it? Maybe, maybe not.

But you have back pain. And you can’t shell out the money right now to cover prices that chiropractors are asking for. So what do you do?

Luckily, collagen has been studied in relation to easing lower back pain, and it’s been recommended by many to help alleviate back pain for those who don’t want to take or can’t afford medication or physical therapy.

How much is a chiropractor, and is it worth it?

How collagen helps with back pain

Chances are you’ve only heard of collagen when it comes to ways to repair damaged hair or tighten your skin. Yet there are many other ways that collagen help the human body, including easing lower back pain.

The University of Pennsylvania’s School of Medicine notes that collagen may help with back pain. The lower back is full of collagen; the bones, the tendons and even the muscles all have collagen. And when these parts have enough collagen, they work properly and allow you to go about your day without pain.

Yet when any of these parts of the lower back are lacking in proper amounts of collagen, that’s where problems can arise. Low levels of collagen in the lower back can prevent the spine from staying completely intact, which can cause pain. This pain, of course, can make it hard to sleep, stand, exercise, walk, sit or change positions. This kind of pain is hard to ignore and can easily disrupt a person’s life.

How can you get more collagen in your diet?

One way to get more collagen in your body is by changing your diet. Foods that promote collagen production are fruits such as kiwis and berries, nuts like almonds, veggies such as carrots and greens, and other spices and food like garlic, avocados and oysters. However, dietary changes usually take time for results to take effect, and those that work long hours or have low income might have some trouble abiding by such a strict, collagen-promoting diet.

On the other hand, a faster and easier way to get extra collagen into the body is by taking collagen supplements. Not only will this give faster results, collagen only needs to be purchased a couple of times a year, thus cutting costs greatly. It also requires less upkeep than a collagen-promoting diet, as supplements only need to be taken once a day, as opposed to having to monitor the foods you eat three times a day or more.

How can Wellness Please help?

Wellness Please offers two different kinds of collagen supplements – a Multi-Collagen Container and Multi-Collagen Single Serve Packs. Both supplements offer extra doses of collagen for people who are lacking it in their diet, or in their bodies.

These supplements are rich in amino acids and proteins, and support the muscles, tendons and bones in your lower back. They will

In addition to this, having more collagen in the body also promotes healthier hair follicles, longer hair, and tighter skin. Some bonus effects in addition to no back pain!

How can you incorporate more collagen into your diet?

Both the collagen container and single serve packs have collagen in a powdered form. This makes it easy to get your daily or weekly dose. The powder can easily be mixed into drinks. The powder is completely flavorless, so you it won’t alter the flavor of whatever you’re drinking. The powders can be added to coffee, tea, protein shakes, morning smoothies or even a refreshing glass of water.

The powder can also be used while cooking. It can be added to brownie mix, mixed in with a soup or added to pancake batter. There’s really no limit to how you can eat the powders!

The Stick Packs make it possible to bring collagen with you anywhere. The sticks fit into purses, pockets, suitcases, or backpacks, and can be mixed in with any drink or added to any foods. Just like the powders found in the jar, they can be added to recipes as you’re cooking.

How often should you be taking collagen supplements?

As often as you think! Collagen supplements can safely be taken daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. It all depends on your needs and how fast you want results.

Wellness Please recommends a dose of about 8 ounces a day for a regular-sized adult. However, depending on the severity of your pain and your size you can adjust as needed. Also, if multiple people will be taking collagen supplements, a bit more should be added for each person (i.e. 8-10 ounces for two servings of pancakes for two people).

Taking collagen supplements is extremely safe, as Healthline writes. The worst side effects are heartburn and feelings of fullness, and that’s if you take too much.


There are tons of health and beauty benefits to taking collagen supplements, from growing healthier hair to tightening your skin. Now easing back pain can be added to the list of benefits that collagen supplements provides.


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