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Controlling Your Uncontrollable Appetite

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel hungry no matter what? Sometimes it’s because of a health condition, and sometimes you have no idea why you’re feeling so ravenous. Whatever the cause, we all want to know how to keep ourselves from eating too much, and how to keep our raging appetites from taking over our day.

How can you curb your appetite? Generally, we tend to feel like our appetites never end when we’re missing a kind of nutrient. Our body may be looking for the nutrient, and sometimes eating an entire pizza or plenty of broccoli won’t satisfy that search. By eating enough proteins, taking multivitamins, exercising regularly, drinking water before meals, and taking supplements, we can control and often remedy the haunting appetite.

If you seem to have an intense hunger or appetite no matter how healthy you’ve eaten or how much you’ve been eating, you should visit a medical professional. There may be side effects to a prescription which you were not aware of, or maybe a health condition which causes insatiable appetite. Visiting a professional can help with identifying the problem and finding solutions to how to curb appetite.

Proteins and Vitamins

Often, a busy lifestyle can mean a hectic diet. You might just have time to scarf down a muffin on the way to work, or your first meal of the day might happen at 2 o’clock when you manage to eat a parfait and bagel.

Whatever your schedule is, eating enough proteins and making sure your micronutrient intake is well-rounded should be monitored. Sounds like a lot of work? It doesn’t have to be. By taking supplements and substituting certain ingredients for others, you can have the fully-satisfied feeling we all want after a good meal.

For example, Dose of Health is a great multivitamin to take every day, just to make sure nothing is being skipped out on. This could be tossed in your purse on the go, or taken every morning and night to ensure all of the little vitamins and minerals we lose track of are headed right to your now-satisfied stomach.

Regular Exercise

This may seem counterproductive. If you’re feeling hungry, why should you go burn calories? Actually, some of the chemicals released in the brain right after exercise are the ones that tell your appetite to hit the road. This is supported by a study conducted in 2013, but it’s also very easily tested.

If your appetite is pestering you and you can’t seem to curb it, try completing a short workout routine. Anything to get the blood moving will do. Take a brisk walk around the workplace, run to the gym, or even drop some squats somewhere no one can see you. Once those chemicals are released in your brain, your appetite can be a little curbed.

Water Before Meals to Curb Appetite

Most of us have heard this one. If you can’t seem to stop snacking, you may actually be thirsty. Furthermore, drinking a glass of water 20-30 minutes before your next (planned) meal can take a big edge off of your appetite and can result in eating less food in the meal. Since you’re filled up with water, there’s no need to overeat.

If you are someone who prefers drinking water after your meal and drinking a bunch of water beforehand seems awkward or difficult for you, just be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day, Mistaking thirst for hunger is a common reason why the munchies never seem to stop.


Taking supplements in times of feeling hungry can do a lot for someone who seems to have a never-ending appetite. Some of these are in powder forms to mix with drinks, while others may be pills.

One unique supplement is actually a minty mouth spray. Curb Your Craving is convenient to slip into a purse for use at meals or in-between. A traditional spice called Dichrostachys glomerata, originating from the country just south of Nigeria (Cameroon), is the main ingredient here and has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties and other health benefits. Other natural ingredients in this product keep the breath fresh and appetite curbed.

When choosing a supplement to help with feeling constantly hungry, it is important to check the ingredients and make sure it is coming from a reputable company. Some companies may claim it reduces appetite because it contains chemicals which will alter signals in the brain, which is not the goal here. Carefully research the anti-appetite supplements you may be considering.

Appetite for Sleep

There are many circumstances that will leave us with grumbling appetites. Some causes may be a medical condition, a prescription side effect, nutrition deficiency, or lack of exercise. Another cause of general appetite severity may be lack of sleep.

Getting enough sleep is something we all know we need, but few seem to get. However, sleeplessness can increase ghrelin in the brain, which is a hormone known to cause hunger and appetite swings. Sometimes, not getting enough sleep makes us not hungry at all, but usually, sleep deprivation is equal to a raging appetite.

If you’ve been in a hectic routine for some time, either working late shifts or going through a life change, you might have a bad sleep schedule, which can prompt poor eating habits. This is also a reason for appetite increase, as you may not be getting the right nutrients.

Appetite Curbing

Whatever the reason for our hunger, an insatiable appetite can have negative effects on our lives and relationships. If you or someone you know seems to always need a snack, it is advisable to review this list and see if the key points made here might be relevant.

If you have cravings and an insatiable appetite, but you feel you’ve tried every healthy solution offered, seek out a medical professional. They can help you discover why your body is sending signals of hunger to your brain, even if it isn’t hungry.

When it comes to curbing your appetite, stay away from anything harmful or inadvisable. Overeating or overdrinking is as much a problem as feeling hungry constantly. Regarding how to curb appetite, try to keep solutions natural, and practice mindfulness towards your body.


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