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Cleansing Your Body for a Healthier You

We live in a busy world which is quickly getting busier. With all the hustle and bustle going on in our lives, it’s sometimes difficult to take proper care of ourselves. Sometimes it’s mentally, sometimes it’s emotionally, and a lot of the time it is physically. If we are physically exhausted and toxic, how can we do our best work? What is the best way regarding how to detox your body?

But how can we detox our bodies? There are so many options out there, from juice fasts to Keto diets to supplements and fasting. Everyone’s detoxification needs are different, but there are a few general rules you can follow in a detox. Those include drinking plenty of liquids, cutting out many potentially harmful foods, taking time to cleanse your body, and resting.

Liquid Cleanses

If you’re interested to see how flushing toxins out of the system work, there are many detoxes out there to look at. For example, you could drink strictly fresh vegetable and fruit juices for 3-5 days and see how that affects your mood and your sense of being alive. There are also cleanses which practice drinking smoothies-only, eliminating hard foods for 7 days and only taking in the blended-up goodness of organic foods.

Some people only cleanse through water fasting, which is hugely beneficial and simply means to fast from food and drink plenty of water during a chosen period of days. Whichever liquid cleanse you’re considering, take into account the type of balancing you’re looking to achieve. If you feel like you have too much sugar in your life, you could participate in a veggie-juice-only liquid cleanse. If you think a water-only cleanse will leave you feeling a little too weak during your work hours, try the smoothie method.

There’s something for everyone in liquid cleanses.

Vegan Cleanses

Eating and drinking only plant-based, fresh, or raw foods and drinks for a period of days can give many people the way to detox their body that they desire. Imagine drinking chamomile tea first thing in the morning with some fresh strawberries in chia seed and almond milk pudding. For lunch, Romaine salad with garbanzo beans and an all-plant dressing, and for dinner a delicious lettuce wrap with plenty of seasonings and protein-rich plants to leave you feeling full and satisfied.

If this sounds a lot like simply being vegan, that’s because it is. For some, eating vegan for a week or so gives their bodies time to process old junk, cleanse, and reset itself. If you’re interested in vegan detoxification, there are so many options out there. However, feel free to be as creative as you’d like, without having to rely on any one website or system for “optimum cleanse”.

If you prefer eating more regular vegan options, like potatoes and beans with vegan-friendly toppings, then keep it simple. If you’re excited to try beet chocolate cake and vegan Thai dishes, you can find many resources to help you in your detox journey.

Water Fasting

This is used interchangeably with intermittent fasting, which has become a hot new topic in the health community. With so many interested in this system of long-term detoxification and weight loss, it isn’t a surprise that there’s so much out there, both negative and positive.

However, if you’re inclined to give “intermittent” or water fasting a try to give your body time to reset itself and burn through any old garbage in its system, give it a chance! If you feel this might be too extreme an option for you, there are still many detox systems out there.

Water fasting is what it sounds like, and is a solid choice to detox your body. Abstaining from solid foods and preferably from any gum or hard candies during the process, those who water fast drink lots of water and fast for however long they’d like to, whether that is one day or nine. It’s safe and it’s been shown as an effective detox option many times over. If you’d like to cut up some cucumbers and add them to your water, feel free to. It’s not strict water fasting, but detoxes weren’t meant to tie anyone’s wrists together.

Spice Cleanses to Detox Your Body

Many people understand the benefits that spices, especially fresh ones, can have for their health. However, incorporating it into a fasting system is a new level of beneficial. With anti-inflammatory spices such as turmeric, cayenne, and ginger, and cancer-fighting spices and herbs such as parsley and fennel.

Spice cleanses can be added to almost any other detox for magnified and sometimes expedited results. If you try adding spices to the vegan detox, you’ll discover many tasty dishes and reap the health benefits which will come soaring in with each one. Trying spices with a smoothie might sound strange, but adding a kick of cayenne pepper to an already-sweet mango smoothie or a dash of ginger to a green juice will give you so many options and healthy alternatives. Finally, try adding cinnamon to fresh orange or carrot juice.

Cayenne pepper is a surprisingly solid choice when trying to detox your body.

There are a lot of places spices can go to add a new level of health to your detox.


If you’re living a busy lifestyle and you don’t have all the time in the world to juice your own lemons or cook up a garbanzo-bean wrap, there are many places today which are adapting to vegan-friendly and detox-helpful options. There are also many helpful supplements, such as Hit the Reset and Curb Your Cravings, which are completely natural and make detoxification efficient and truly life-changing.

During a detox, make sure to get plenty of sleep. Sleep is as cleansing by itself as many of the above-listed cleanses are. Furthermore, take care of yourself! Take time for a detoxifying bath of Epsom salt and baking soda, with just a couple of drops of lavender oil. Take time to lie on your back and breathe deeply. Detoxing the mind and body at the same time is hugely beneficial for anyone living in today’s world.

Following these tips about how to detox your body can lead to less stomach pain, better moods, better sleep, blood pressure balance, overall health, and countless other perks and benefits.


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