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Cleansing Your Liver

We’ve all heard about the health benefits of detoxing and fasting, but there’s one particular part of the body that really needs detoxes: the liver. What is the best way to go about how to detox your liver? Why is this organ, one of the largest in the human body, so important to regularly cleanse and detoxify? It works as our system’s waste manager. If we don’t empty out the trash accumulating in our liver, trying to detox the rest of the body is a little ineffective.

How can we detox our livers? Through a water or juice fast, getting into a regular exercise routine, eating more natural and easily-digested foods, and by taking time to prepare more foods, we can detoxify our livers. The liver is very resilient and works day-in and day-out to eliminate any harmful toxins from the body. From time to time, it is important to set specific goals for clearing out the liver, as well.

The Liver

The liver is located above the stomach, near your diaphragm. It is responsible for getting rid of some of the junk that passes through our bodies by regularly producing bile and recycling blood cells. Absolutely anything that passes from the fork or cup to our mouths goes through the liver for filtering. It works as a shield within the body and allows us to eat more things than we probably should. However, sometimes the liver can get bogged down, as well.

While there are no studies showing that detoxes lower chances of getting liver disease, either from drugs, viruses, excessive alcohol, or poisons, there is also no clinical evidence that liver detoxes do not provide a cleanse for the human body and allow it to process things quicker and with less discomfort.


Whether it is a water or a juice fast, the act of allowing our system a break to process old bulk is highly beneficial to the liver. If the liver is the trashman of the body, fasting is allowing the trashman to work double-time, which incidentally makes our livers healthier.

Fasting is becoming more and more popular as a way to detoxify the body, and when it goes hand-in-hand with some of the other approaches listed here, it is a powerful way to kickstart a cleanse and reset our systems.

Regular Exercise

Sweating is a wonderful way of detoxifying the body from things like urea, metals, and even lead or mercury. Experts and amateurs alike have agreed for a long time that exercise is beneficial, whether or not you sweat. However, breaking a sweat is another great way to take a load off your liver, allowing it to pick up its pace. Essentially, exercising while incorporating a detox system for your liver is the way to get your liver racing into action.

How much exercise should you be getting? Generally speaking, the Mayo Clinic advises adults to be getting about 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week, with one or two moderate strength exercises sprinkled in there. Whether it is swimming, running, Zumba, running up and down bleachers, or yoga and barbells, regular exercise is a wonderful way to detox the liver.

Exercise is a great way to detox your liver

Eating for the Liver

Liver-friendly foods mainly include plant-based foods, such as berries and avocado, nuts, garlic, olive oil, fish, broccoli, and so on. Processed foods, greasy and fried foods, fatty and sweet foods, and anything pre-packaged will generally be harder on your liver than their naturally-sourced, fresh counterparts. If you eat berries instead of Doritos, you’ll have a healthier liver. Some widely-accepted foods which may be beneficial for the liver include broccoli, apples, beets, garlic, and nuts such as almonds.

If you’re trying to take it easy on your liver while it cleans up, try eating a vegan diet for a couple of days. Substitute your favorite sandwich deli meat for olives and avocados. Try sipping on some peppermint tea with almond milk and honey drops in the morning instead of your favorite energy drink. Give your liver a chance to catch up and go through easily-filtered foods for a bit.

Prepare More Foods to Detox Your Liver

Not everyone is going to enjoy baking and cooking at home. Most of us prefer to swing by a restaurant and let someone else do that part. While there are beginning to be many more natural and plant-based options at restaurants today, it is still fun and safe to try cooking more things yourself.

Craving a cake from your favorite store? Try making one from scratch at home. It may not be gourmet, but at least you know it’s fresh and made from ingredients you filter yourself, instead of making your liver do all the work. You could try making your own detox soup, or bread from scratch without all the preservatives, warm and fresh out of the oven with goat’s milk butter. (You can use normal butter if you’d like, don’t worry.)

Whatever you experiment with, try to keep it relatively clean for your system to take a little break. Avoid lots of white flour or processed sugars.

The Liver Detox

In the end, by giving your system a little time to reset itself and mixing some good habits back into your regular routine, you’ll have a cleaner and happier liver. However, you can’t expect a liver detox to be a cure-all. We can’t do a detox, go out partying hard over the weekend and get upset when we feel bloated and sick from everything we ate and drank too much of. Our liver needs a break sometimes to catch up and reset, leaving us feeling better and happier, but it won’t make it a super-liver. Continually eating a balanced diet and exercising will allow our liver and body to grow healthier and stronger. A great supplement to aid the detox process isHit the Reset.

Another perk of cleaning out our livers and taking care of it is the weight loss that sometimes accompanies that. Giving the liver time to catch up can really give our weight loss a boost, especially when paired with No Small Miracle. This is a great naturally-derived supplement which can speed up the process.

Whether done regularly or occasionally, liver detoxes can be highly beneficial and cognitively clearing for those who choose to implement them in their busy lives.


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