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How to Stop Your Shoulder from Popping Without Surgery

Shoulder popping is a huge annoyance that many have to deal with day in and day out. It can range from being simply an occasional obnoxious crack to a clicking sensation to a grinding feeling accompanied with pain and uncomfortable warmth, as Healthline writes.

Though it’s usually not caused by a serious underlying issue, many still want to rid themselves of shoulder popping. However, short of surgery, there aren’t too many options.

Shoulder popping is a common nuisance for many people.

What causes shoulder popping?

Shoulder popping is often caused by a number of different problems, as Healthline continues. These problems can be related to joints in the shoulder, breaks and tears in bone and/or cartilage, or degradation of the joints or cartilage because of chronic illness.

Some common causes of shoulder popping include flamed bursa – sacs of fluid that keep the joints in your shoulder safe – to minor breaks in the bone to tears in the cartilage, among others. These problems, despite causing what may seem to be never ending pain and discomfort, can be alleviated.

How can you stop shoulder popping?

Barring surgery, exercises are the primary way people try to alleviate shoulder popping. However, these exercises can be painful, take a long time to see results, and can cause even more pain and damage if done incorrectly.

One faster way to stop or ease shoulder popping is by taking collagen supplements. The University of Pennsylvania’s School of Medicine believes that collagen has properties that can help with cartilage damage and joint pain and weakness. And with the human body only producing so much collagen on its own, collagen supplements can give the human body the extra boost it needs to help repair these problems.

How does collagen help with shoulder popping?

Collagen would help with shoulder popping because collagen may help keep tendons and muscular together, UPenn’s School of Medicine further writes. This means that collagen could ease many issues – even chronic issues – related to tendons and muscles, including arthritis.

Collagen may also help to rebuild cartilage, which can be especially helpful in cases of shoulder pain since many causes of shoulder pain are due to cartilage tears and damage. You can add ingestible multi-collagen to your diet which boasts type II collagen (found in chicken bone broth). It helps to address issues around joint health, joint comfort, physical function, and flexibility.

As mentioned above, the human body only produces so much collagen on its own. When the body needs an extra pick-me-up to help with problems that aren’t resolving themselves, additional collagen taken in ingestible supplement form can help.

How can Wellness Please help?

Wellness Please offers two collagen products, the Multi-Collagen Container and Multi-Collagen Single Serve Packs. Both are affordable, extremely flexible, easy-to-use products that you can add to your daily diet without changing your schedule or being to costly.

As stated before, UPenn has noted many health benefits to taking hydrolyzed collagen peptide supplements. The additional collagen in the body can help the body to heal itself and repair the offending part.

How can you add collagen powder to your diet?

Since both the jar and single serve stick packs contain collagen supplementation in hydrolyzed powder form, it’s extremely easy to add collagen peptides to your diet. It’s completely flavorless, meaning it can be mixed in with drinks such as coffee, tea, smoothies, protein shakes or even water without altering the taste. It can be taken at any time of the day, with or without solid foods. Because it’s not affected by heat it can be added to an Insta pot, Crock Pot, soup or casserole, as well. Many people like to take multi-collagen twice a day for extra added benefits, so taking your 2nd scoop at dinner time is perfect for doubling up on your health.

The powder can also be added to recipes while cooking. It’s very versatile and doesn’t cake, so it can be added to sauces, brownie batter, or pancake mix.

The single-serve Stick Packs make it possible to bring collagen with you on-the-go. They’re a friend to purse, pockets, gym bags, suitcases, and backpacks. The only difference between stick packs and the jar powders is the portion size!

How much should you take?

Ingestible multi-collagen protein should be taken once or twice a day, by using the portion scoop provided or by using 1 or 2 single serve sachets.

Wellness Please recommends a dose of about 7.8 grams a day. Also, if multiple people will be taking collagen supplements, a bit more should be added for each person (i.e. 8-10 ounces for two servings of pancakes for two people).

Healthline also writes that there are no risks to collagen supplements, and the worst side effects are a feeling of fullness and heartburn, in case of ingesting too much.


Collagen supplements are a helpful, easy-to-afford alternative to surgery or exercise. They’re easy to add to any diet, and you’ll see fast, long-lasting results. In addition to alleviating pain in your shoulders, collagen supplements can also help with other joint-, tendon-, muscle- and bone-related pain in other parts of your body. Collagen also plays a huge role in skin tightness and hair health, so some other added bonuses of taking collagen supplements include increased skin tightness, longer hair, and healthier growth.


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