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Learn How to Meal Prep to Aid in Weight Loss

Knowing how to meal prep for weight loss is a challenge. Especially if you’re trying to figure out what’s good to eat and what isn’t. So many diet “gurus” will tell you that it’s OK to eat this, but some others say that the opposite is true. You don’t have to suffer from all the guesswork anymore of knowing what and when to eat. Let this serve as your go-to guide for prepping for every meal throughout the day and the entire week. You want something that’s straightforward and simple to follow rather than waste time guessing what works and what doesn’t. Your goal is losing as much weight as possible over the course of time. It’s important to follow this meal prep for weight loss plan to ensure you’re eating the right amount of calories so you can make the goal easier to achieve. Here’s how to begin and follow your meal prep plan to a T.

how to meal prep for weight loss

Determine Which Calories You Want To Eat Regularly

Yes, it’s true about the whole calorie deficit thing. You’ll want to eat fewer calories a day so you can be able to lose the amount of weight you want. To determine how many calories you need to eat, consider the following: An average woman is recommended to eat 2000 calories a day. If you intend to lose a pound a week, then you’ll want to shoot for 1500 calories a day. This might be a start for you if you’re a beginner at this. No need to go overboard or take drastic measures. Also, you’ll want to document your progress to ensure how many calories you’re eating a day.

Determine Your Portions

It’s no secret that the lesser your portions, the less amount of calories and fats you’re consuming (or the larger the portions, the more you consume). While it may seem tedious, determining your portions so you know how many calories you’re consuming is key. This way, you’ll document this in your journal and make the determination of whether or not you want to reduce or increase your portion size if you feel if it’s either too much or too little.

Schedule Your Meals Using Intermittent Fasting

One of the easiest ways to schedule your meals is abiding by the method of intermittent fasting (or IF). One way to do this is the classic 16-8 method. How it works is you fast for 16 hours. And for an 8 hour period, you can eat meals. For example, if your last meal was at 8PM then your fasting period should be from 8PM to noon each day. From noon to 8PM, you can plan your meals around that time frame (i.e. 12PM Lunch, 4PM post-workout meal, 8PM dinner). You can choose a time that’s best for you as long as you follow the 16-8 method.

It’s OK To Snack

Sure, hunger gets the best of us sometimes. So if you need something that will hold you over, then you can squeeze in a small time period between lunch or dinner for a snack. Choose something like greek yogurt or your favorite fruit or vegetable to ensure that you’re getting your daily serving of each. So for example, if you’re following a noon to 8PM eating schedule, you can get away with scheduling a snack anywhere between 4PM to 6PM. 2PM might be a good time.

Take The Right Kind Of Supplements

There is not a single rule on how many times a day a person should eat to lose weight. This should be remembered when doing meal prep for weight loss. However, the best way to ensure weight loss is to stick to a healthy eating style and ensure that if a person is taking supplements that they are following the directions. Plus, ensure that the foods that are being consumed are packed with nutrition rather than being processed. People can eat three big meals or several small meals in a day. It is really all up to an individual on how they feel about their eating patterns. Knowing how to prep for weight loss is going to significantly improve a diet.

While taking supplements might be beneficial for weight loss, some of them are often taken for the purpose of living a healthier lifestyle. Yes, you might be eating foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals might not be enough. So a good multivitamin is essential to take on a regular basis to ensure that you get a daily amount that will last you the entire day. On top of that, there are multiple health benefits that you can achieve by taking a daily multivitamin like strong bones, strong muscles, better vision, and all kinds of health benefits.

There are even some supplements that aren’t just for promoting overall health. Some supplements like Curb Your Craving is best designed to control your appetite when the sudden craving to eat something appears without warning. Unlike something you can take in the morning, you can use it whenever hunger tends to tighten its grasp around you. It might be easier to satisfy it just by eating. But giving in to the temptation will give in will defeat the entire purpose of your weight loss goals. Other supplements like No Small Miracle can also be effective in your efforts in meeting your weight loss goals. So taking the right supplements are key, especially when losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are your top priorities.


Knowing how to prep for weight loss will take time. Yes, it may seem tedious and time-consuming at the outset but it will give you a good idea of how many calories you need to take in and how much you can eat in order to keep track of your calorie intake and your weight loss goals. Only diet is one half of your battle. Always remember that a good exercise regimen will always compliment this.



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