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What is Collagen Good For?

Many people are not aware of what collagen is or what collagen is good for! Believe it or not, collagen is actually essential for every person’s health. This has been said from many health experts to it being common knowledge on the street, and now is the buzz around the world. The topic is uber popular with health and beauty influencers too. Many people are realizing the benefits of collagen and using it in cosmetics, skincare, ingestable powder, and even pill form.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is known as the most abundant protein in the body. Collagen can be found in a person’s muscles, bones, blood, skin, cartilage, and even ligaments. Collagen is known to help the body with several things that include:

  • Promoting the elasticity of the skin.
  • Assists in holding together the bones and muscles.
  • Helps to protect vital organs.
  • Helps to provide structure to the body’s joints and tendons.

Even though collagen is known for providing the body with these health benefits, it has a few main benefits that people are more aware of or may be more interested in.


The body will naturally produce the collagen it will need on a regular basis; however, it will slow down as a person ages. By age 30, you are already losing a percentage of your collagen. This is the perfect time for a person to add collagen to their diet. This can be done with a multi-collagen jar or even multi-collagen stick packs. Ingestible multi-collagen peptides are a fast solution to reap the benefits that collagen imparts. But keep in mind there are many ways to add collagen to a diet! Try eating fish, organic red or orange veggies + fruits, dark green veggies and citrus to up your collagen game.

What is collagen good for?

What Slows Down Collagen Production

Many people who partake in smoking, unhealthy diets, and extreme sun exposure will have slower production of the supplement in their bodies. There are certain health conditions that will also make the collagen productions slow down. If this is the case, a person may notice wrinkles and sagging skin. People with a lower level of it may also be at more of a risk for issues with their gut or stomach because collagen keeps the intestines strong. Without as strong of a production, the body will have some issues.

What is Collagen Good For?

1.       Easing Joint Pain

When a person starts to age, the cartilage found in the body will become weak and potentially deteriorate. This causes a person to feel achy and stiff. If a person increases their intake of collagen it may help reduce arthritis pain.

According to a study conducted in 2009, the participants took a supplement that was made from a chicken neck for ninety days. In this study, forty percent of people’s osteoarthritis symptoms decreased and thirty-three percent noticed a decrease in symptoms.

2.       Reverse Aging Skin

Collagen is known for promoting vibrant and glowing skin. It, as discussed earlier, has been proven to help provide elasticity to keep the skin looking young and healthy. When a person ages, their production of the supplement declines which can cause fine lines, dryness, as well as loose skin.

According to a study that was done in 2014, women of ages 35-55 years old were chosen to take a collagen supplement. They gave 46 of the 69 women a supplement at random. Those who had taken the supplement had noticed a difference in the elasticity of their skin in just four weeks. Also, it was found that wrinkles were reduced after eight weeks.

3.       Building Muscle and Burning Fat

Collagen is a very major component of the muscle tissue. This should not be a surprise when it is said that it can help build muscle mass. Not to mention, collagen is also known to contain glycine. This is an amino acid that is used to create creatine. In return, this is the fuel for muscles during a workout.

What is it good for when working out? It is going to increase muscle mass as well as burn fat. In those who had taken a supplement during a workout, they noticed results in 12 weeks. They had noticed an increase in fat loss and an increase in the strength of the muscle.

4.       May Possibly Reduce Cellulite

It will not only will help keep the skin youthful looking but may also help improve the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite is known as the layer of fat that is under the skin that will push up against the connective tissue. This is where a person may notice dimpled or lumpy skin.

In one study, 105 women who were 24-50 were randomly assigned to take the supplement for six months. Those who had taken the supplement had a drastic improvement in their skin texture. Cellulite is perfectly normal and it should not be a sign for concern if it appears on the body.

5.       Improved Digestive Health

What is collagen good for in the gut? Well, it is located in the connective tissue of the gut. This will help support as well as strengthen the lining that protects the digestive tract. Having a healthy digestive tract is important because if there are weak spots or alterations it can cause health problems such as leaky gut syndrome. This is where particles are able to pass into the bloodstream. This is often very painful because of inflammation.

In a study from 2003, it was found that those who had an inflammatory bowel disease often had lower levels of the supplement.


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