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Your Guide to the Best Bed for Back Pain

If you’re looking for the best bed for back pain, it might be a challenge at first. Especially when you’re counting on a bed that won’t make it painful to get up in the morning. Likewise, you want a bed that’s comfortable for you so you can fall asleep fast rather than spend all night tossing and turning because of back pain. If you want a good night’s sleep but it seems impossible to get it due to a sore back, here are some tips that you might find useful so you know what to look for in a bed and why some beds are important for bad backs than others – as well as give you our pick of the best bed for back pain. Before we do, let’s talk about why back pain happens and how to deal with it whenever it strikes.

Why Are You Suffering?

Most back pain might be associated with occupational related activities like constantly lifting heavy objects. Sure, it may be just part of the job. But over time it can be taxing on your back and even other parts of your body. You may also be dealing with back pain if you’re constantly sleeping on a mattress that is uncomfortable. Even the stress of the daily grind might be enough to add on the pressure to your body and can cause all kinds of pain just about anywhere.

What Is Exactly Causing Your Pain?

There are all kinds of factors that may be associated with back pain. One of those factors is the straining of ligaments and muscles located in your back. Bulging disks, skeletal irregularities and other factors that are related to some degenerative back issues are also a common cause in chronic back pain. Regardless of what specific factor is causing this, there is one thing that would make it worse: sleeping on an uncomfortable bed that would do nothing but amplify the pain. Yes, even moving around can make things painful. Truthfully, tossing and turning doesn’t solve the issue, It only will make matters worse! The pain can be so bad, that you won’t want to get up at all. At some point, you’ll need to get out of bed. But even the attempt itself might be painful and much more of a challenge. So whether you’re staying in bed or moving around to get out of it, it’s got you between a rock and a hard place. Should you bother getting up or should you rather lay in bed, making the pain even worse?

Also, there are all kinds of positions that might also harm your back than help it. Did you know that sleeping on your stomach adds a lot more pressure on your back? Crazy, right? But here’s the thing you need to know about back pain: it’s one of the major causes of disability among Americans. On top of that, pain itself makes it difficult for anyone to sleep. And it even affects your sleep quality as a whole if the pain itself is chronic. And a lack of sleep will always connect the bridge between poor sleep quality and poor health. If you think back pain won’t lead to anything worse, then you’d be shocked enough to think otherwise when you learn about how many health risks are associated with poor sleep.

At this point, you might have no other choice but to find a bed that will actually alleviate your back pain and helps you get the quality sleep you deserve every single night.

So, Which Bed Should You Choose?

The old spring mattresses are quickly becoming a thing of the past. And these days, those hand-me-down mattresses that were once owned by your grandparents may not be as comfortable for you now as it was for them thirty years ago. On top of that, the springs may cause you to sleep at an uneven position. So if you feel a spring bed that has that “lumpy” kind of feeling to it, then the springs in the mattress might be to blame. Now, the question that needs to be answered is: which bed should you choose? The answer is memory foam.

Memory foam beds that are not too firm, but not too soft either are proven to make sleeping more comfortable. Especially if you’re dealing with all kinds of back pain. The foam won’t make the spine curve in uncomfortable positions while you’re sleeping. No matter if you’re a stomach sleeper, a side sleeper, or a back sleeper, your back will be able to relax and decompress thanks to the lightweight foam that makes the bed feel like a cloud. Don’t be shocked if you feel like your sinking into the bed itself while you’re laying down. That’s because it’s forming to your body shape and is cushioning your body to make sleeping a whole lot better. Let’s see a spring mattress try and do that.

Memory foam beds are often considered the choice of best bed for back pain.

A Bed Doesn’t Just Solve Your Back Pain

Sure, a bed may help with alleviating back pain. But mind you, it shouldn’t be the only thing. There are some other ways you can get rid of back pain with ease. First, you’ll need to lift lighter weights. Especially when you’re working where lifting is a must, there are days when you need to lift lighter weights on days when the pain might get to be a little much. At the same time, you should also take some supplements that might also promote muscle growth and reduce joint inflammation as well. Supplements like Multi-collagen that is available in a jar or single serve packets not only will give you the benefit of less pain and inflammation for your back but will also benefit your health in so many ways.


Finding the right bed will help with your back pain in one way. But you’ll also need to do more to ensure that your back pain episodes are few and far between. So you can deal with the back pain and the health issues that might be associated with poor sleep or get a bed that’s good for your back, get better sleep, and rely on daily supplements that will allow you to live a pain-free life every day. The choice is up to you, but it’s an obvious no-brainer.


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